Mystr8m8sfeet has been forced to close. I say forced because I did not want to. The main reason for this is censorship. Although you may assume this is not a porn site, the government definition of porn is material specifically created to arouse. This puts mystr8m8sfeet in the same bracket as hardcore porn and therefore the same rules apply. All 'adult' sites viewable in the UK are to be expected to have adult verification in place by April this year (though they keep moving the date). UK citizens will be required by law to provide government issued ID (passport, drivers licence etc) to to be able to even view the public areas of any adult site let alone the members areas (click HERE for more info). This all costs money, money the government expect the site owners to pay. Mystr8m8sfeet closed it doors with 26 members so it is not making profit period let alone be able to fund this ridiculous unpoliceable new legislation coming into place this year.

On top of that my hosting company moved my entire account without asking and in doing so broke all the scripts etc required to host a subscription website. I do not have the technical knowledge to fix this myself and do not have funds required to pay someone to fix them so I made the painful decision to close the site.

It was fun while it lasted. Thanks to the supporters who helped it just about stay afloat.

See you on the other side, Rob (website owner)