Hi, I'm Rob and I'm the new owner of mystr8m8sfeet. I've been desperate to shout from the rooftops that I've taken it over but couldn't until the relaunch was ready. The old owner was beaten down with people sharing his stuff, there were barely any members and It was actually costing money to run so it was about to close. I only found out because I've been a fan of the site for years and bombarded the poor guy with fan mail. He went quiet, so did the updates, then he told to me it was going to close and my heart sank. It's my favourite site! So I made him an offer. Sign it over to me and walk away instead. Let me breathe life into it. It was a big risk because I was taking on what was pretty much a sinking ship and any money paid to lads for shoots had to come out of my own pocket. Well, I sold everything I didn't need, created a small fund for shoots and put an ad out for a photographer. Boy has it paid off! We are BACK.

I've completely redesigned the site from the ground up. The old videos have been re-encoded from the original HD copies and I've re-edited all the old galleries using the original raw images. Before the images were 600 x 900 pixels, now they are 1333 x 2000 and that is still a reduction from the originals. That's more than twice as big as before! There is also a slideshow feature with full screen option for hands free viewing for each gallery.

The bones of the original site are still there. It's still very amateur. The new lads are not models they are real lads with real lads feet that can be a bit rough around the edges and some of the stuff might be a bit blurry but it's real. If I get the chance to film a random lad in the street with my phone for you all then I'm going to do it. I'd much rather see a real lad in dirty white socks that than see pedicured feet under studio lights and I hope you would too.

I have so many great ideas. From now on the site will feature ALL NEW LADS. There is also a new section called 4K cinema which features exclusive 3840 X 2160 Ultra HD videos. Each month they are removed from the site and replaced with a brand new exclusive never before seen 4K video. When they're gone they're gone so they're a bit of a thank you to the loyal subscribers. Something you only get to see that month.

This is just the beginning. I'm full of ideas but I need your help to make it work. Please support the site. I'm not in this to make money but I need the site to pay for itself or funding for shoots comes out of my pocket and it's not a very big one! Thanks for reading and if you've joined, THANK YOU!